7 Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Elk Hunting Gear 

As the rutting season rolls around and you’re prepping to hit the woods again, you’ve likely already put together the requisite gear for the imminent trip.  

Like any game, the success of nailing elk depends primarily on the clothes and equipment pieces you bring to the hunt. But how do you determine the right gear for the trip?  

That question shall form the basis of this article.  

Below are the top seven tips for choosing the ultimate elk hunting gear.  

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1. Find a Reputable Store 

Outdoor stores are mushrooming at every turn. Many outlets stock high-quality elk hunting gear and other essential outdoor supplies. The only challenge is honing in on a dealer that suits your needs.  

First, prioritize stores that offer hunting subscription boxes.  

A hunting subscription box provides a hands-off approach to planning an elk hunting trip. You just need to determine the frequency of the hunting supplies being shipped to your address. Popular delivery frequencies include monthly, biweekly, quarterly, and annually.  

Next, research the store’s reputation by sampling reviews from its previous customers. You naturally want to source your elk hunting gear from an outlet with the highest approval ratings.  

Lastly, insist on an outdoor dealer that specializes in hunting gear. It would be even better if the store primarily stocks elk hunting equipment. 

2. Know the Terrain 

Elk thrives in various habitats, from densely wooded forests to open grasslands. They are also found in marshy meadows, riverbeds, and semi-arid landscapes.  

You’ll realize that the top elk hunting states typically feature more than one of these terrains. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the lay of the land before setting off for the trip. That’s because the landscape determines the clothing and boots you can bring on a hunt.  

For instance, a pair of hunting boots designed with an open tread pattern for maximum grip would be ideal for elk-hunting in marshy terrains. 

3. Determine the Best Hunting Season 

September is generally considered the ideal elk hunting month. That’s because it coincides with the rutting season, which marks the peak of elk activity.  

Since September falls within autumn, it makes perfect sense to dress for the season.  

A tweed jacket and collared shirt would be excellent for elk hunting in the fall. As the season is mild, you might consider wearing breeches and shorts.  

However, modest dressing only makes sense if hunting during the day and not at night. Besides, while you can skimp on clothing, your hunting boots must still be heavy-duty. 

4. Make Extra Provision for Warm Clothing If Elk-Hunting in December 

Hunting in the dead of winter ensures you have vast hunting grounds. Winter also provides extra leverage, as most elk bulls are vulnerable during this season.  

But if you prefer elk-hunting in winter, you must wear extra-warm clothing. Insist on layered outfits, picking softer fabric materials like merino wool for the undergarments and weatherproof fabrics like leather for the outer garments.  

Spare some thought for bibs, too. Bibs provide some windbreak while also enhancing moisture retention around your lower body.  

Don’t forget boots that provide maximum insulation from winter’s icy chill.  

5. Remember That Elk Aren’t Color Blind 

Elk may have vision limitations compared to humans. But they’re not color-blind.  

Like all ungulates, elk have dichromatic vision. That means they can see blue, yellow, and a bit of black, white, and gray.  

You want to avoid gear that is in brilliant shades of blue and yellow. Instead, opt for colors that blend seamlessly with the natural environment, such as browns and jungle greens.  

Black would also be excellent due to its dirt-masking abilities. However, donning an all-black outfit may be unideal if hunting in warmer conditions. 

6. Bring Some Scent-Masking Products 

What elk lack in vision, they make up for in their senses of smell.  

Many studies suggest that an elk’s sense of smell is up to 1,000 times more advanced than a human’s. So, personal hygiene is imperative before embarking on an elk-hunting trip. 

Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or apply deodorants during an elk hunt. Avoid wearing sweaty clothing, such as those made from synthetic nylon.  

But since sweating is inevitable, a more practical approach here would be to invest in scent-masking products. Apply these odor eliminators to the hunting ground for extra leverage while stalking elk. 

7. Pick Between a Rifle and a Bow 

Rifles and bows are effective elk-hunting weapons. However, each is suitable for specific hunting conditions.  

A rifle would suit you better if you’re a beginner. There’s less practice involved in learning to operate the firearm.  

Rifles are also excellent for long-range hunting. Armed with a powerful scope, you can take out prey several miles away.  

If you prefer to elk-hunt with a bow, stalk the prey close enough before taking a shot. More importantly, aim your shot between the animal’s front legs and shoulder blades. This pierces the vital organs (heart and lungs), killing the prey instantly. 

Final Word 

There’s our expert guide to choosing the best elk-hunting gear. Remember that no two hunting trips are identical. Therefore, use your best judgment to determine the specific gear to bring on an elk hunt. 

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