8 Things to Consider When Looking for Shower Gel 

A scented, foamy shower gel is an essential part of everyone’s bathroom. This fragrant and bubbly concoction is nothing less than an elixir that guarantees silky, smooth skin and protection from germs and impurities. 

However, since there are numerous shower gels available in the market, it could become complicated to choose the right option for your needs. Moreover, the majority of these shower gels are filled with toxic chemicals that strip off your natural skin oils and may cause skin problems. 

Therefore, this comprehensive guide is going to explore eight important aspects that you should consider when looking for shower gel. 

1. Choose Naturally Formulated Products 

Shower gel made in a lab will remove the natural oils from the surface of your skin. Moreover, your skin will suffer more damage from this than benefit as these oils serve as a barrier of defense and keep your skin supple and moisturized.  

Your skin can dry after stripping off these natural oils and may develop major skin problems. Using formulated shower gel biodegradable products, you may replenish the lost oils in your skin and moisturize it. To put it simply, the natural components will effectively cleanse your skin while maintaining its hydration and smoothness. 

2. Pay Attention to Your Skin Needs 

You need to carefully choose a specially formulated shower gel that caters to your specific needs. Some of these specifically formulated shower gels cater to different skin types: 

Dry Skin 

Choosing a creamier body wash over a gel is always a good idea when purchasing one for dry skin. Make sure the product has vitamins that can help your skin regenerate, such as vitamins A, B1, or E, and look for components like olive oil, aloe vera, or honey that deeply nourish and moisturize your skin. 

Sensitive Skin 

Those with sensitive skin are likely to have eczema, allergies, or excessively dry skin. First, avoid lotions and washes with strong scents, and while selecting products, always search for terms like creamy, mild, and softening.  

Since avocado includes vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids, it’s an excellent option for a shower gel. Alternatively, choose a highly nourishing and kind shower gel for the skin, such as one made with moisturizing oils like almond oil. 

Oily Skin 

Choose milder shower gels that gently exfoliate your skin to prevent sebum and dead cells from clogging your pores and causing outbreaks. Mint is a fantastic component that will awaken and revitalize your skin.  

Natural ingredient extracts, such as those from raspberries, are rich sources of vitamin C and antioxidants, and certain herbs, like lavender, can even help regulate hormone levels. 

3. Look for Essential Ingredients 

Always look for ingredients that are nutritious, hydrating, and good for the skin. A wonderful place to start is with vitamin E, which helps to seal in moisture and maintain very smooth skin. Coconut oil and shea butter, along with cocoa butter, are a few other hyper-hydrators to search for in your body wash or shower gel.  

These ingredients provide all the skin-softening qualities your body longs for, along with moisture and sustenance. Even incredibly soothing aloe is a component of shower gel. This calming component includes several anti-aging vitamins and helps relieve any skin irritation. 

4. Avoid Shower Gels with Sulfate  

Chemicals called sulfates, included in shower gels, are responsible for the additional dry and itchy feeling that follows a shower. Additionally, their effect may cause brittle skin and redness—especially for those with sensitive skin!  

These chemicals have a history of clogging pores, causing acne, and eventually building up on your skin. Since the skin tries to compensate for the loss of its natural oils, sulfates can wind up making your skin more oily and causing breakouts. 

5. Stay Away from Parabens 

Apart from sulfate, you should refrain from using shower gel with paraben formulation. Any class of substances that serves as a preservative is referred to as parabens. If an ingredient has the term “paraben” at the end of it (such as methylparaben, propylparaben, etc.), you may find the paraben in the ingredient list. 

Researchers have discovered parabens in malignant tissue. Furthermore, it has been shown that parabens mimic hormones in the body, upsetting your body’s average hormone balance. However, researchers have not concluded that parabens cause cancer. While the FDA considers parabens safe in moderation, you might feel better using one of the many great shower gels available without parabens. 

6. Go for Naturally Scented Products 

The allure of vanilla fragrance may be too strong for you, but did you know that all shower gels and other skin care products are synthetically scented to give them a pleasing aroma? 

On the other hand, natural shower gels include scents often derived from essential oils. You should look for a better product if the product does not contain natural “fruit extracts,” which indicates it is probably not organic. 

7. Choose a Shower Gel for a Specific Lifestyle 

You may choose a body wash that is ideal for your exercise routine and way of life. Swimmers, for instance, have to seek shower gel made especially to get rid of chlorine odor and residue from the skin. After your swim, you may feel and smell amazing thanks to an extensive selection of shower gels. 
To relieve muscular weariness, you might want to look for a shower gel that contains essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, or rosemary if you play other sports or have aching joints. With the help of essential oils, a regular shower may become a calming, enjoyable experience. 

8. Don’t Go Overboard Your Budget 

After evaluating all the essential ingredients and formulation, the last thing you must remember is not to go overboard your budget. There are some premium shower gels available in the market that can mark up to substantial prices. However, you may be better off choosing a product that matches your budget. 

Avoid choosing products with premium packaging and attractive, gimmicky formulations. If you can, go for organically formulated products with basic recycling packaging that contributes to environmental conservation. 


Shower gels are an essential utility that plays a huge role in everyday hygiene. The formulation of a shower gel is the most important aspect that dictates how a product will react to your skin.  

Therefore, choosing an organically formulated shower gel that is sulfate and paraben-free is imperative. Moreover, you should choose a product that fits your budget and cater to your specific needs. 

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