Baby Mineral Sunscreen of Blue Lizard Brand Vs Chem Products

When you go shopping for sunscreen for your kids, you have an extremely important decision to make. Choose the right product, and they’ll be safe in the sun; choose another, and they might not. It’s a daunting task and no mistake. However, you shouldn’t fret, as in this blog, we compare the baby mineral sunscreen of Blue Lizard brand with one of the other main choices – chemical sunscreen.

Mineral and chemical sunscreens are the two main types you’re going to see when shopping online or in-store, so it’s good to know which wins out. Stick around and you’ll find out.

Why Baby Mineral Sunscreen of Blue Lizard Brand is Best

Looking at the facts, you get to see what it is about the baby mineral sunscreen of Blue Lizard brand that makes it so popular with people across the world. Let’s have a look at it and how it compares to traditional chemical options.

It’s Gentler Than Chemical Products

It’s hard to ignore just how soft a baby’s skin is, so it matters how gentle the sunscreen is. Mineral sunscreens are made from zinc oxide, which is about as benign and gentle as it gets. Compare that to chemical brands that contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone, which are much more likely to cause skin irritation.

Mineral sunscreen also sits on the skin rather than needing to be absorbed – another aspect that makes it gentler on your baby’s epidermis.

It Works Immediately Upon Application

Chemical sunscreens take up to 30 minutes to become absorbed into the skin, which can be a real pain in the neck if you want to go outside. If you don’t wait 30 minutes after application, you can’t be sure that your baby’s skin is protected by the product, so it is important.

However, with a mineral ‘sunblock’, the lack of absorption means that it works immediately. The moment you apply the product, it’s working, so there’s no need to hang around twiddling your thumbs.

It Offers Guaranteed Broad-Spectrum Protection

UVA and UVB rays can both hurt your baby’s skin, and the only type of sunscreen that protects against both is a broad spectrum product. That’s not to say that chemical products don’t offer this protection, as some of them do – just not all of them. That means there’s a risk you might choose one that doesn’t.

However, zinc oxide-based sunscreens ALL offer broad-spectrum protection, so you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all UV rays are safely dealt with.

It’s Baby Mineral Sunscreen of Blue Lizard Brand That Wins Out Every Time!

You can’t afford to take chances with your baby’s skin and all the facts point toward mineral sunscreens being far and away the best option for the job. It’s the most gentle, the most effective, and the quickest-acting and much less likely to cause a reaction to their delicate complexion.

With all this in mind, we can say without fear of contradiction that mineral brands win out in every department. So, when you’re buying your next child sunscreen, you know what product to choose!

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