Catch The Latest News From The World Of Electronic ID Check Services

In the early days, people used to identify each other based on their physical attributes. Gradually, we progressed towards paper-based identification methods. Here, paper documents were used to authenticate individuals’ IDs and verify them. This was wasteful, slow, and financially expensive. However, today, those days are no more. Today we have digital systems that are rapidly developing into mainstream digital identities.

In order to use the digital identities of today’s age, electronic ID check verification services are an essential tool. Electronic ID check services process electronic identity verification or EIDV of users. Electronic ID verification is rapidly developing into a foundational tool for all essential practices for any organization that deals with consumers. Thus, EIDV can be customer EIDV or client EIDV.

The Latest News From the World of Customer EIDV

Emerging as a dominant force in today’s age, these services are ever-dynamic. Thus, digital IDV services are constantly undergoing technological development, and simultaneously the identity verification domain is experiencing a policy revolution.

A Push for Efficiency As The United Nations Proposes Global EIDV

The United Nations or the UN recently proposed a global electronic identity verification system to collectivitize the world’s IDV systems. This global electronic IDV system would streamline the process of the verification of user identities globally. The facilitation of the worldwide execution of this service will be by directly connecting users’ electronic IDs to their digital accounts. For example, this can be bank accounts, mobile payment platforms, social media services, etc.

The proponents of such combined large scale global electronic ID check argue that such a system can check electronic identity profiles efficiently. Furthermore, it can improve public access to social and welfare programs while making their management more equitable. This can reduce administrative burdens as well.

The biggest benefit however is that it can facilitate international interactions and services. Citizens of different countries will be able to travel to other parts of the world with much ease. This facilitation of exchange of travellers, workers, and businesspersons can help to build a future with greater harmony. However, concerns regarding privacy and the potential misuse of a vast database like this one remain a topic of discussion. Furthermore, data collection and management of a project like this won’t be easy either.

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Myanmar’s EID System and Human Rights Concerns

Myanmar has undergone well-known conflicts. With these conflicts have arisen some serious issues related to people management. The military dictatorship or junta in Myanmar has recently decided to implement a strict and mandatory electronic ID check system.

According to the dictatorship, the stated purpose of the system is to improve public services in the country and to prevent fraud. However, human rights groups are responding apprehensively. These voices for human rights fear that an electronic ID check system could be used against the people. For example, when the government has access to electronic ID check systems, it can easily track people’s activities and movements. This can lead to concerns relating to mass surveillance and thus, contribute towards the further marginalization of ethnic minorities who are already facing serious challenges. For example, challenges relating to the acquisition of certification of identification under the prevailing discriminatory citizenship laws.

This news update highlights the importance of maintaining a balance between security and the individual liberties of citizens when implementing electronic ID check systems.

Dating Apps Embracing EIDC

Digital interactions come in all forms. Initially, we started with digital chatting services like MSN and today we have complex digital interaction platforms allowing the efficient management of large business enterprises. Somewhere along this journey, we achieved the development of digital dating services. Today, these services need electronic ID check systems, maybe more than any other type of digital interaction.

Online dating apps are associated with crimes of many sorts. From financial scams to child sex abuse, and serial murders, a lack of electronic ID check on dating platforms gives us all. Thus, dating apps such as Tinder are piloting global electronic id verification tools to combat fraud and catfishing. Users of these platforms can verify their identities via passport scans and video selfies. Once verified, they receive badges on their profiles that indicate their verification status.

Summing Up

As indicated from the news updates above, electronic ID check can be directed in any direction. Just as there are goods to setting up electronic ID check for all, there are serious concerns as well. Thus, as this landscape is rapidly evolving, it is critical to establish a framework that establishes a balance between security, convenience, and privacy. Open discussions that involve all stakeholders i.e., governments, technology companies, and civil society must be held to ensure responsible development and implementation of digital solutions.

However, ultimately, the success of electronic ID check will depend on its ability to build trust and offer empowerment to the users while safeguarding their fundamental rights.

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