Easy And Effective Ways To Wash Sublimation Shirts-2024

Don’t worry if you’re wondering how to clean your sublimation shirts. You can hand wash or use a washing machine on sublimation shirts, just like any other type of shirt.

The type of material your sublimation shirts are made of will determine how to wash them, so continue reading to find out which method is best for you.

Therefore, we’ll look at how to wash sublimation shirts in this article to ensure that they last a long time and don’t fade too rapidly. We’ve included some instructions for laundry below if you need them.

Quick Laundering Tips for Washing Sublimation Shirts

Check out our following tips on washing sublimated clothing for prompt assistance


  • Keep in mind that your shirt loses some of its quality with each wash, so try not to do it too frequently!
  • Consistently try hand washing your sublimated shirts.
  • Professional shirt washing servicessuggest avoiding dry cleaning sublimated tees.
  • After washing, store it in a cool area and allow it to dry completely.
  • Separate hand wash coloured and white clothes.
  • Use plastic hangers to hang them after washing and drying because metal hangers might cause rust marks.
  • To keep the vibrancy of colour, reduce the heat setting if you can while using hot water. According to our laundry servicesexpert, Overexposure to high temperatures can cause permanent damage to dye jobs, with colours fading more quickly the hotter they get.

Step By Step Process of Washing Sublimation Shirts:

Our shirt washing services expert provided some very concise washing instructions for sublimation shirts in the previous short tips, and now we’ll go over each step in depth.

Let’s find out more about washing sublimation shirts.

Start With Cool Water

Although it may appear gentler, warm water actually starts to degrade clothing fibres when it gets hotter. Use cool water to begin washing your t-shirts every time. It means that your sublimation shirts should always be hung outside on a clothesline to air dry rather than being dried in a dryer.

They only need a little bit of sun exposure and cold water to maintain their fresh scent. Before putting your sublimation shirt in the laundry, give it a quick spray with stain remover if it has any food stains or other stains.

Using an oxygen cleaner to pre-treat stains is a fantastic alternative. For naturally clean results, simply drop one packet into a small cycle of laundry and watch their potent oxygen action take on stubborn stains like grease, grass, and tomato sauce!

Avoid Applying Fabric Softener or Bleach

Never use fabric softener or bleach while washing a sublimation shirt. Dye colours are harmed by bleach, while fabric softener keeps shirts from drying completely. Furthermore, it will turn shirts with white ink yellow.

Instead, wash your garments in cold water because warm water might cause sublimated printed portions of clothing to fade more quickly. For best results, professional shirt washing servicesuse a mild detergent free of optical brighteners. Also, they suggest avoiding too much detergent because that’s also a significant issue! Use vinegar in place of soap to remove any extra buildup.

Soak clothes in vinegar water to remove filth and use vinegar as a natural whitener. Additionally, try soaking soiled clothes in vinegar overnight to eliminate those hard-to-remove stains, such as oil paints, if you’ve ever had difficulties getting rid of them (it also works excellent on dry stains).

Just watch out because washing them through another wash cycle immediately after using vinegar can expose your brand-new tee to soap residue and cause harm like colour bleeding over time.

Avoid Using Detergent

Don’t use too much Detergent while washing your sublimation shirts. Overloading your washing machine with Detergent will leave ruins behind that clog your ink, making it more difficult for your design to seem crisp and clean.

A whole tablespoon of powdered detergent or two teaspoons of liquid detergent is the suggested dosage; add half-ounce of liquid detergent for more cleaning power.

Before washing sublimation shirts, use warm water. Due to lax quality control in many dye manufacturers, washing in hot water can cause fading. It is easier to set your dye using cold water so that it will not bleed during repeated washings.

Rinse and Then Hang Dry

When washing sublimated clothing, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it should never be dried in a dryer. You just need to wash your shirt and hang it up straight away because the heat and agitation of a dryer will cause damage to the design

If time is of the basic terms, consider soaking your clothing with cold water, drying it out, and then hanging it up. Detergents and bleaches might easily damage your shirts, so never use them together. To ensure that your shirts are ready to wear, simply hand wash them (or use a washer with moderate settings) and let them air dry entirely.

Iron your shirt while it’s still a little wet

It is preferable to iron your shirt when it is still slightly damp because heat causes colours to fade. Ironing will release the steam, which will fix any wrinkles that may have formed from washing and set your design in place.


Maintaining the vibrancy of your sublimation shirts is simple with the proper care. Following easy steps will ensure your garments stay looking their best for years to come. But if laundry day feels like a chore, Hello Laundry’s convenient and professional laundry services are always here to help! We’ll handle your delicates with care so you can focus on what matters most.

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