How To Adopt SEO Trends in 2024

You will learn about the search engine optimization trends 2024 in this article. 

The most important thing that you need to know is that this is not any common SEO in the 2024 guide. We will provide you with the most important SEO trends. 

Moreover, we will also provide you with our opinion on these trends. You will also know our advice on how to adapt to these trends. 

Every content creator who is looking to optimize their website in 2024 will love this post.

SEO Year Review

In 2023, they will provide many important updates. These updates can shape 2024 SEO strategies and beyond. 

Here, we will recap these key changes and trends:

EEAT guidelines 

In 2023, google updated the EEAT guideline. The EEAT is a first-hand experience that has become the main ranking factor. These ranking factors will focus on authentic, experience-based content rather the generic information.

Recent Algorithm Updates 

One of the most important recent algorithm updates includes the author entities. Google is now focusing more on the author behind the content. 

Google trusts more recognizable and knowledgeable authors behind the content. And due to the recognizable author the content will rank more.

Use of AI tools by Marketers 

In 2023, marketers use AI tools to create content to save time. The thing is, this is valuable for streamlining SEO tasks—the SEO tasks from idea to content generation.

Search Capabilities from AI Tools 

AI tools are offering search capabilities, but people still use Google for their queries. And there is no change in organic traffic due to the increased use of AI tools.  

So now let’s look at the SEO trends that we will see in 2024:

AI is revolutionizing, but human-written content is important to avoid repetition. 

AI has opened new gates of opportunities, but it is also a threat

Here is explanation 

AI is providing great generic content. This generic content is based on existing SERP content.

When all the writers in the world use AI, there will be content flooding, which is a real warning.

Due to the use of AI, there will be the same content everywhere. 

If you fill your blog with AI content, then you can have the writings that someone else already published.

The repetition of content is a threat that AI companies have also realized. Due to this, they hire freelance writers that create content for their websites.

So, as a content writer, you cannot only depend on AI. You will surely need human creativity.

Moreover, the interesting thing is that even though the AI content creation trend is growing, there is still a noticeable increase in senior writers’ demand and rates.

How to use AI in the right way to boost scale 

AI ( artificial intelligence) is your writing assistance partner with different skills. Here are the right ways to use AI assistance to boost scale: 

  • You need to Tell AI to react like an editor. Ask it to help in applying an established draft tone.
  • You need to summarize already-known information with AI 
  • You have to make the existing copy shorter.
  • The paragraphs shouldn’t be lengthy if they turn them into bullet points.
  • Make a table with the information 
  • Create outlines

Here is more detail for the top creative outline

You can add unique insights that will help AI to provide a human touch to your content.

Also, for the human touch, you can provide outlines to the writer to use a skeleton.

Prompts should be highly specific when you use tools like ChatGPT for outlining content.

Here is an example of creating content on ChatGPT:

You Write a content article about “healthy eating habits”. Mention the target audience and also include which should be the tone of Voice.


Title: The Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Eating Habits

Target Audience

Individuals who want to improve health.

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts who need a balanced diet to perform well.

Older adults maintain good health.

The tone of Voice:

The article’s tone should be informative, empowering, and easy to understand. An easy-to-understand article is very important for people to learn. You need to provide facts and evidence clearly. Encourage people why they need to maintain their health. And why they need to focus on a healthy diet with benefits. Also, explain the threats that can happen and what has happened to people who are not doing this. The tone of the article should be positive and encouraging.

This is the example of a highly specific prompt that you gave ChatGPT for getting a productive article outline.

Introduction to healthy eating habits:

  • Brief overview of about healthy eating habits and its principles 
  • Explanation of why everyone needs to maintain healthy eating habits 

Understanding healthy eating habits:

  • A concise explanation of healthy eating habits
  • Discussion on the importance of healthy eating habits and its positive effects on overall health.

Benefits of healthy eating habits:

  • Explore how healthy eating habits can change the overall health.
  • Highlight expert opinions on healthy eating habits. 

Healthy eating recipes:

  • Include food recipes that can boost health.
  • Explain the ingredients and recipes in detail.

Real-life success stories:

  • Include examples of people from real life who maintain their health with healthy eating habits.

Here’s the thing, though. If you lean too much on AI for these outlines, there’s a risk of missing out on some really valuable points.

Only AI will not be responsible for SEO jobs. The powerful SEO includes human and machine creativity skills. 

AI is unable to provide the Quality content that First-hand experience provides. 

Search engines prioritise first-hand experience. The first hand experience satisfies users that read the content and also aligns with the search engine prioritization.

In 2022, google updated its EEAT guidelines as the factors that determine content trustworthiness.

First-hand experience satisfies the readers because they get what they really want. And this experience includes deep dice in specific and lived experiences.

Moreover, the EEAT acts as a differentiator between original and high-quality content.

When you include real-world experience in content, it will be more interesting for the user.

The first-hand experience is like you are explaining to users in your content what you know about a specific field. And what you have experienced in your journey. 

You should focus on uploading content that any AI platform cannot write. It includes the content of sharing the things you do on your own. You can share your opinions and your data integration. Moreover your study on the data you collect.

It is important to note that these approaches aren’t only bound to content writers.

And this approach isn’t just confined to written content.

It is also applicable to platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Reddit.

Users are looking for the human experience that they can connect to. They need real-world opinions and experience that they can understand easily.

How to Double-down on First-hand Experiences

If you are wondering what is the way to double down on first-hand experience, here is the detail:

“Record rather than create.” – in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk.

The goal is to record what you’re already doing, rather than starting from fresh with content creation.

People who don’t have hands-on experience on a topic can interview a subject matter expert. You can base content on their insights.

You should note that collecting insights from SMEs is a core step for creating SEO content.

There are two ways SMEs can actually help you.

In the first way, SMEs offer unique and valuable insights.

In the second way, SMEs help better content authority as well as distribution.

These two SME trends take us to the next new SEO trends that we need to focus on in 2024.

Value of content increased by Author Entities 

The new talk is about how Google will act to adapt to the surge of AI content generation.

We already know many sources, which include Sports Illustrated—the sites where credible sites are making fake writer profiles for the purpose of publishing AI articles.

The question is that if a search engine like Google will only depend on site authority, then there will be risks in passing low-quality AI-generated content.

So, what is Google’s likely response?

They can run techniques to locate and evaluate AI content.

Suppose the content is from a well-known author who has relevant experience and knowledge. In that case, google can trust the content.

An experienced author with the right expertise allows Google to trust, and it will enhance the content’s credibility. 

Knowing about the author is like recognizing the face and story behind the post. And these things absolutely solidify the trustworthiness and content relevance in users and search engine eyes.

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Author Entities: How to use 

Below is the detail on the leverage of author entities for 2024 SEO:

  • On the website, you can create author pages. The author pages should include details. The details about their background and areas of expertise. Also, links to the published posts and social media.
  • You need to publish the same authors on other sites, too. Publishing on other sites will grow the author’s footprint. And this publishing allows Google and the readers to learn the author is real easily.
  • You need to add the SMEs or expert writers. Add it to the byline, then you should co-distribute with them. Also, you should add credibility that makes Google understand that the content is human.
  • You need to encourage experts to make successful guest posts.
  • Only publish your works on behalf of the best authors.

This is a well-explained example of how you can establish a well-known author image to gain Google’s trust.

One of the greatest names in SEO and the former proprietor of Backlinko, Brian Dea. He will once again be contributing to the book as one of the authors. That much is clear.

However, Brian contributed to the trends in conjunction with Branko Kral. He is a writer for numerous well-known marketing blogs. The blog has an author page on this one with the intention of routinely publishing here.

SGE To Shift Users’ Search Behaviour

AI-powered SERP snippets and search generative (SGE) will be used by google.

These terms mean the users can ask extensive questions. And from these extensive questions the AI will generate an answer. This answers the queries that build on existing web content .

Here is an example of these search behaviors.

You can ask Google a complex question. The questions like “What’s better for a family. The family that has kids under 3 and a dog, Bryce Canyon or Arches?”. After that, a brief synopsis of each location’s potential benefits will be provided. Additionally, you can choose to view relevant human-written information. The information to discover about recommendations and experiences from others.

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