How to choose the right DTF printer for your small business

How to choose the right DTF printer for your small business

Today’s world of business is well equipped with small businesses. They are more in numbers as compared to larger firms and companies. The sole reason behind this is the ease of management for small businesses. In this article, we will discuss the application of DTF (direct-to-film) technology. Their application in the garment business. And the selection of the right DTF printer for small garments businesses. Such DTF printers utilizes updated technology for printing.

Several options about DTF printers are available on the market. So it becomes challenging to select the right one. A few measures are available that can help you select the right printer. We will go through each of them in detail.

Identifying DTF printing:

Before starting the selection process, let’s first understand what DTF printing is. It’s a printing method that involves designs transferring from a special film to the fabric. This happens by utilizing a combination of heat and pressure methods. The designs formed as a result of this technology are of vivid colors and are durable.

Factors to take into account:

Several factors takes part in deciding on the right DTF printer. You can opt out for the ideal printer, like the DTFLINKO B8048. It has each of the following specifications:

1. Size of the print:

Always consider the size of the print when selecting the right DTF printer. A few DTF printers are designed for larger prints, while others are designed for smaller prints.

2. Resolution capabilities:

Every DTF printer has its own specific resolution capabilities, which it’s dependent upon. This specification will ensure sharp and intricate designs and pictures.

3. Compatibility of ink:

Every DTF printer uses different types of ink. Pigment, eco-solvent, and sublimation inks are a few examples. It means ink performance depends on the proper choice of DTF film and powder. Always select the DTF printer that is compatible with the ink you want to use for your prints.

4. Range of colors:

Make sure that the DTF printer you have selected offers a wide range of colors. The availability of this specification will ensure the production of vivid-colored designs.

5. Design production capacity:

The efficiency of the printer depends upon its capacity to produce fine designs. Faster printers have increased productivity. They can complete larger orders in less time. Your business production demands will determine which printer is best suited. You can select the best one for your designs without compromising on quality of prints .

6. Easy to use and maintain:

A user friendly printer is very crucial for small businesses. Especially for those businesses with little technical expertise. In this case, the DTF printer that’s easy to use (having fewer complexities) must be prioritized. Also, the printer should be easy to clean and maintain. Its spare parts and inks are available in the market. In case if any issue or problem occurs, the printer is repairable.

7. Price and ROI (return on investment):

The price of the printer and its capabilities will determine its ROI. The higher initial investment will result in long-term cost savings and improved quality. A good DTF printer will always offer a good ROI. It will do so by increasing production efficiency and expanding its design capabilities. You can go through the incredible DTF printers present at

Compare and research:

Once you understand these factors before selecting a DTF printer, the next step is to do thorough research. Take some time to carry out research. Find different DTF printers and compare them based on the above-mentioned factors. Look for those DTF printers that are already in use by small businesses. If possible, you can attend some trade shows and demonstrations as well. This way, you will be able to analyze the DTF printers in practical use. Also you can ask specific questions related to your small business.


After setting up the new garment business on a small scale, one of the major steps is selecting the right DTF printer for your small business. Depending upon the size of print you desire, the ink of the DTF printer, its ease of use and maintenance, the colors offered, production capacity, price, and return on investment, you will be able to select the appropriate DTF printer. If the selection and the right decision has taken place, the future of your business is bright now.

With the guidelines mentioned above, you can navigate the market and select the right DTF printer. With such a DTF printer, your business will rise to the heights of creativity, innovation, and success.

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