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How to Create a Steampunk Costume Female

There are many ways to create a Steampunk costume. One of the most popular themes is aviation Steampunk. Look for old-style clothing from the 19th Century and add brass binoculars, a musket or sword for an authentic look.

This tween steampunk costume is perfect for kids who want to step into the world of fantasy. Top hats, monocles and other Victorian accessories are important to this style.


Corsets are the cornerstone of women’s steampunk fashion. The cinched waist of these stiffened undergarments slims the figure and gives an antique look, while being comfortable enough to wear all day. They’re not just for the fetish scene, either; living history reenactors and historic costume enthusiasts use them to shape their figures.

A steampunk corset dresses the torso, and can be worn with an overcoat and other accessories for a complete outfit. Some women also wear them under their dresses to provide extra structure and give a sexy Victorian silhouette.

Steampunk is a fantasy depiction of Victorian culture that includes top hats and monocles, as well as crazy technology like steam-powered guns and airships. Dress like a sexy inventor-genius with this teen steampunk costume, which comes with goggles and a top hat to finish off the look.


Dresses are a great way to make a fashion statement in the steampunk style. They can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the occasion. For example, a long skirt can be tucked into leggings to achieve a sexy look or left down for a more casual appearance. This skirt can be paired with center buttoned shirts, goggles and hats to create the look of an adventurer or traveler.

Corsets are another common apparel item in steampunk fashion, which can be under or over bust. Shirts with lace and chains are also a popular choice for a neo-victorian look. Women can complete their outfit with a pair of fingerless gloves and a top hat. This costume is perfect for Halloween, cosplay or any other event.


Many women are drawn to Steampunk fashion because of its reinterpretation of historical periods such as the art nouveau, gothic and Victorian eras. Traditionally, female Steampunk clothing includes corsets, dresses and skirts. These pieces reflect a desire for a past that is more romantic and less industrialized.

Pants can also be worn to complete a Steampunk costume. These pants are reminiscent of jodhpurs and feature a flared bottom and pleating. They are a perfect accessory for Steampunk pirates, explorers and other adventurous characters.

Another popular persona for Steampunk attire is that of a military airman or soldier. A tight leather jacket paired with boots and a military hat or beret can create this look. This style of outfit is also popular with fans of the film series “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” It’s common to find denim pants in a steampunk theme, as they can be easily modified to include gears or chains.


Proper footwear is important when dressing in steampunk fashion. Whether they display gears, leather straps or brass trim, steampunk boots and shoes add to the iconic Neo Victorian look of the steampunk fashion genre. Boots come in a variety of styles, including lace up granny boots, over the calf tall boots and even military style combat boots.

The ideal outfit for a tween steampunk girl includes dresses and corsets for a sexy Victorian look, plus striped pants and a top hat for a more masculine version of the steampunk fashion genre. Adding a pair of gloves, a monocle and goggles to the outfit completes the look. If the costume needs a little extra pizzazz, add a pair of steampunk spats to the ensemble. These faux suede accessories can help protect shoes from unfortunate splatters and add to the retro custom look of any outfit.


Steampunk is a fashion movement that has grown to become a major influence in the clothing world. It is an aesthetic that incorporates gothic, military, and Victorian elements. It is not a strict reproduction of the Victorian era, but rather an artistic interpretation that allows people to express their own creativity.

One of the most popular steampunk costume female accessories is a corset. These are not Victorian undergarments but are designed to be worn outside of the costume and are made from leather, damask, or brocade. Some are laced and some have grommets to give them a look of a traditional Victorian underbust.

Another steampunk costume female accessory is a hat. It can be worn with any dress and will add a touch of femininity to the look.

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