How To Install Ghost Immobiliser for Vehicle Security?

If you want a reliable means to safeguard your vehicle, the autowatch ghost immobiliser 2 is a great choice. This gadget is intended to safeguard your vehicle from theft by stopping thieves from starting the car’s engine.

What Is A Ghost Immobiliser? 

The Ghost Immobiliser is an aftermarket safety device for your car. The Ghost Immobiliser prevents the motor from starting unless certain controls in the vehicle are activated in a precise series, which can be found on the steering wheel, door panel, or central console. The order of events is specified by the user and may be altered as required. The gadget is implanted in such a manner that it is unable to be seen, giving you the added benefit of concealment that can deter anybody from attempting to meddle with it. The system merely takes just a few moments to use and could spare you endless hours searching for your car if it is ever stolen.

Ghost Immobiliser

Can Ghost Immobilisers Be Used In All Sorts Of Vehicles?

Ghost immobilisers are suitable for an extensive variety of vehicles. These devices can be installed in any kind of car but the car just needs to have an engine. These devices can be installed in motorhomes, vans, bicycles, plant machinery, and even ride-on lawnmowers. Motors in electric cars are now able to be immobilised thanks to innovations in technology.

Can A Ghost Immobiliser Be Circumvented Or Hacked?

A car with a ghost immobiliser is practically impossible to circumvent or hack. The cables had been incorporated such that they appear to have come from the factory with a ghost immobiliser, but there is no detachable physical anti-theft equipment like steering wheel locks.

Why Are Vehicle Immobilisers More Effective Than Other Anti-Theft Devices?

Despite physical deterrents like steering wheel locks or wheel clamps, electrical immobilisers are discreetly fitted into the vehicle. They’re nearly tough to find and beat. Even if the car is stripped down and the device is discovered, this does not imply that the engine can be started.

How Do Ghost Immobilisers Operate?

A basic manufacturing factory-built immobiliser employs an electronic chip integrated into the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). When you are trying to start the automobile, the key or fob transmits a code to the ECU, which permits it to start. If someone tries to begin the car with a change key or fob, the code will flip out wrong, and the car will now not begin. Ghost immobilisers have additional security features, like a PIN or code sequence which must be entered before starting your vehicle.

Are Ghost Immobilisers Safe?

The Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser & other sophisticated immobilisers were created by professional vehicle security manufacturers. They all make use of patented technologies and have been rigorously tested.

How Does An Immobiliser Effect My Vehicle?

An immobiliser will not only prohibit the automobile from starting if the wrong key or fob is used, but it will also turn off components like the starter motor or fuel system, making the vehicle immobilised. If the incorrect code gets sent to the ECU, some immobilisers may sound the car alarm to grab attention. Immobilisers may also carry out other functions, however, this depends upon the type of immobiliser.

How To Install Ghost Immobiliser?

Setting up a Ghost Immobiliser is difficult, particularly for someone with no background in installing car alarms. It’s because you must hide your Ghost Immobiliser in the car, which means taking off another piece of your vehicle’s interior to locate a suitable location to install it. Furthermore, Ghost Immobilisers are linked to your vehicle’s electrical system. So any error you make might damage the remainder of your car’s electrical circuits & operation. Experts wouldn’t suggest this to anyone who has no expertise in deploying these kinds of systems. Although you may install your Ghost Immobiliser system yourself. You can also contact an experienced staff to have it professionally installed.

Cost Of Ghost Immobiliser Installation

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is not the most affordable aftermarket security equipment. But it is far better than a steering wheel lock, and it can be easily transferred to future vehicles. You can locate experts who will deliver, install, and program a Ghost immobiliser for as cheap as £475, with a typical cost of £499. The Ghost immobiliser offers unparalleled theft protection by rendering it impossible to operate your vehicle without your permission. It provides special security for your car, is simple to install, and can be shared across cars, making this more of a financial investment than a mod.


Vehicle theft is a growing problem amongst motorists around the world, as thieves use superior procedures (along with cloning wireless keys) to avoid current security systems. Luckily, the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a smooth and efficient medium for keeping off unwanted access in your car.

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