How to Spice Up Your Frozen Desserts with These Toppings?

Ice cream is about as prevalent and iconic as a dessert gets. Beyond the numbers, ice cream is going through a kind of creative rebirth, with avant-garde flavours becoming viral on social media and innovative chains satisfying ice cream connoisseurs long after summer is finished. Although ice cream is still a go-to dessert for sweet tooths in kids as well as adults, there seems to be a growing trend in the frozen desserts treat industry towards savoury options.

Although you might not be in the mood to devour an entire carton of avocado, buttermilk ranch, or blue cheese ice cream, there’s a great way to try out this trend: Try some unusually flavorful ice cream toppings. You can add fresh layers of depth and complexity to any bowl you love by adding these unconventional savoury toppings, whether it’s a high-end delicacy, a subtle Chinese spice, or a traditional junk food snack.

You can add fresh layers of depth and complexity to any bowl you love by adding these unconventional savoury toppings, whether it’s a high-end delicacy, a subtle Chinese spice, or a traditional junk food snack. If you are in a commercial ice cream and frozen desserts business then you would need a reliable ice cream machine for your work so therefore remember that you should get a Taylor Ice Cream Machines since they have a ton of good spare parts which can be used if you’re ice cream machine gets harmed, if you need some spare parts right now then search Taylor ice cream machine spare parts UK.


For those looking for a sweet & spicy dessert, this garnish is for you. Wasabi paste provides a fleeting heat, that’s why it pairs well with dairy products. Naturally, though, not much is needed to experience its benefits. You can make a paste with wasabi powder or purchase tubes of premade paste if you lack access to fresh wasabi root. Sprinkle a tiny bit of the herb on top of your dessert to add some spiciness and visual interest. You won’t miss the light green hue.

Chips Made Of Potatoes:

For those who enjoy dipping French fries into milkshakes, this topping is for you. It’s the same idea but with new components—potato chips on ice cream. Even so, it’s one of those toppings for ice cream that you probably never considered using. The crispiness and saltiness of the chips contrast sharply with the smooth frozen desserts delight, and that’s why it works so well. Before adding the chips to the ice cream, either add the whole chips or break them up into smaller pieces. If you are willing to take a chance, you may even produce your potato chips.

Tempura Bits:

Use any leftover tempura batter to decorate your ice cream or frozen desserts the next time you have some on hand. The batter can be easily reduced to sprinkle-size particles with a kitchen squeeze bottle. Spoon a small amount of the uncooked mix into the bottle and add heated oil to produce crispy nibbles which go perfectly with decadent frozen desserts. Give the tempura leftovers simply or coat them with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or vanilla glaze to make them resemble deep-fried doughnuts. You can pair this topping with almost any ice cream because of its flavour characteristics, which are straightforward but pleasing.


A spoon of orange caviar to be used in frozen desserts

Ah, caviar, the opulent ice cream topping which can be just as contentious as it is (maybe) tasty. It may not seem very appetizing at first, but when you analyse the food’s texture and flavour profile. You can see why it would make a good addition to ice cream and many other frozen desserts. The savoury, buttery flavour of the small pearls makes for an incredibly well-rounded combination when paired with candy-sweet ice cream. When served with fluffy ice cream, the hard beads have a wonderful bite and explode on your tongue. Reminiscent of a breath of fresh air. It takes very little to top the dessert. 

Deep-Fried Okra:

Consider what goes well with other types of dairy products from different culinary traditions. Whenever deciding what to serve with your ice cream. For instance, a savoury topping with deep Southern roots would be ideal for ultra-rich, buttermilk-heavy ice cream. Crispy-fried okra is a low-calorie, high-fibre vegetable. Which tastes great as a savoury ice cream topping and other frozen desserts as well. It is generally served with sauces like ranch or remoulade. Similar to how ice cream enhances okra’s mild, green flavour and crunchy texture. Deep-frying okra whole serves as a wonderful recreation of the tasty. But sometimes divisive—trick of dipping fries into a milkshake, albeit with a marginally lower caloric cost.

Final Words:

Your creativity for inventive sundae creations will never run out with the variety of ice cream topping options available. Try experimenting by pairing various garnishes from our list. Such as cereal toppings with candy sprinkles or cake crumbles with tropical fruit. Several of these toppings are also excellent with shaved ice, snow cones, blended frozen desserts and delicious drinks to make your summer cool. So don’t quit there!

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