The Best Champions in League of Legends Patch 14.5

League of Legends Patch 14.5 has just landed in the game and there are some big changes that are sure to shake things up in the meta. Most notable are the latest round of buffs and nerfs which have taken some champions out of the usual rotation.

So today, we’re breaking down some of the champions that have fared best in the latest patch 14.5! We’ll showcase some characters that got huge changes to their sets, making them worth playing at least for this latest patch. 

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Let’s get straight into it!


First up we have Seraphine, one of the most heavily engineered characters in the game that’s always receiving a buff or nerf each patch. This time around, Serpahine is getting an entire kit rework which makes it exciting to dive into and see how her new abilities play out.

LoL devs highlighted that the majority of Seraphine players use her as a support character but that aspect of her role has been historically weaker than she’s been as an AP carry.

For Patch 14.5, they’ve reworked Seraphine as a whole to unify the two roles so that she’s viable in either situation. Seraphine now has a ‘boost’ to repeated damage which affects her Beat Drop (E) and High Note (Q) skills. 

Additionally, Serpahine has got a bunch of other changes to her skills, a few nerfs, increased movement speed and mana regen, and massively reduced damage dealt to minions with her Passive skill, Stage Presence rework. 


Overall, Maokai has seen a nerf to his kit and viability in Patch 14.5 but that’s only because he’s performing so well in-game. This patch also nerfed one of his most important items, Solstice Sleigh, which had been overpowered for a while now. 

But his overall nerfs aren’t too bad with mainly nerfs to his base movement speed stats going from 335 to 330 and a 1 second cooldown increase to his Twisted Advance (W) skill. 

On the flip side, Maokai also received a buff to his Bramble Smash (Q) skill with an increased damage bonus to monsters, so he’s still a solid option as a jungler. Not as impressive as he once was, but he’s still a great character to play.


Alongside Seraphine, in this patch, the menacing Void spawn Rek’Sai has quite a few big changes to their kit to improve overall viability. Over the last few patches, devs have noticed a spike in playtime for Rek’Sai but also realized they’re weaker than intended. 

This patch Rek’Sai has a tonne of quality-of-life improvements including increased attack animation speeds and their Queen’s Wrath (Q) attack is now un-cancelable as it used to be before it was removed. 

Queen’s Wrath had been changed to address a bug, but now it’s back and better than ever. 

Additionally, Rek’Sai has massive buffs to their Void Rush (R) and Furious Bite (E) skills so they’ll pack a solid punch this patch. 

Those are some of the best champions to try out to check out their updated kits and if they’re worth investing time into. And remember if you’re on the hunt for rare League of Legends skins or accounts, U7BUY is the place to check out!

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