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The importance of web design

Having a website means remaining competitive with your competitors, but it must also be attractive and of high quality. 

Whether you have an e-commerce site or a simple landing page, web design is a key element in your conversion funnel. If your prospect easily finds the answers to his needs with an elegant site that reflects the company’s image, there is a high probability that he will stay on your site and make the purchase. 

The notion of web design does not stop at the design of a site, but extends to numerous characteristics requiring knowledge in the field. 

In theory, the creation of a site is done by several professionals. The web designer will intervene on the design and user experience aspect while the developer can intervene to take care of the technical aspect of your site. 

The role of design

We consider a successful website taking into account two criteria aesthetics and functionality. These criteria allow the Internet user to judge the reliability of the site. 

A website can generate traffic if the perception of its design is attractive, in this case, the Internet user will be encouraged to stay and perhaps even make a purchase. 

Conversely, an unattractive design will drive away the Internet user without even having visited your site. 

More generally, design allows you to highlight your brand identity. It allows the Internet user to immerse themselves in your brand universe and understand your company’s services more easily. 

Nothing is left to chance, whether it is the use of colors, typographies, story telling, the customer journey…

Here, the design meets the criterion of aesthetics. But what about the features 

The difference between UX and UI 

The design of a website is important. Navigation and ergonomics are other essential elements. 

Have you ever heard of UX Design From its real name “User Experience Design”, translated as User Experience. The UX is used by the web designer in order to develop and improve the Internet user’s interaction with the site. 

The UI or “User Interface” represents the graphic design, the visual identity or even the editorial charter. 

These elements will be put in place to appeal to the Internet user and therefore to their interface. 

Despite the distinction made between UX and UI, this does not mean that the two are independent. Experience and user interface are closely related. You cannot present a design site without having worked on the user experience. The reverse is also valid. 

It is the synergy of UX and UI which allows you to give a certain quality and identity to your site and to remain in competition with companies in your sector of activity.

Web design and brand image, 2 inseparable concepts

A company’s brand image is the image you project to your audience. It is made up of a large number of elements, such as the visual identity of the brand, the personality, the presence on social networks, the different advertising campaigns carried out until now, the way of addressing the public , the quality of customer service, etc. The key when it comes to branding is to stay consistent. This is why web design is of crucial importance in relaying the image of a company to its audience.

What is the objective of web design

We tend to limit web design to graphic and aesthetic considerations, yet this discipline is much more subtle than that. Web design seeks to convey and adapt different information in the form of visual content such as texts, images, videos, animations. The primary use of web design is to retain the visitor’s attention so that they continue browsing the site. The final objective is to transmit information in such a way as to convert visitors to the site according to its primary purpose (online purchase, contacting the company, new member of a club, registration for a forum, etc.).

Web design must, however, be integrated into a more global strategy, since it is a central element of the brand image and must necessarily take the latter into consideration when designing or redesigning the website.

Branding and web design

Branding is a crucial marketing element for the company. It corresponds to the image that the public has of your brand and therefore has a strong impact on your sales . It depends on many factors, including the visual identity of the company. The latter consists of the brand’s logo and graphic charter , and it must be found on each of your media (digital and paper). This is why web design is essential in order to convey a coherent brand image. It must use the visual codes defined beforehand in order to design a site that is both ergonomic, impactful and in harmony with the visual identity of the company . This way, the public will be able to recognize your brand on different types of media flyers, website, advertising posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

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