The Senate’s Chief Religious Affairs denounces both the Israeli aggression and the Uyghur movement’s statement.

The Head of Religious Affairs in the Senate condemns the Israeli aggression and the statement of the Uyghur movement

The Uyghur movement’s declaration and Israeli assault are denounced by the Senate’s Chief Religious Affairs.

The head of the Egyptian Senate’s Religious Affairs Committee, Dr. Youssef Amer, strongly denounced the ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza as well as the numerous massacres carried out against defenseless civilians, particularly women, children, and the elderly, which have resulted in roughly 50,000 injuries and 15,000 martyrs to date.

In a unique statement posted on the “Muslim World Union website,” Dr. Amer criticized everyone who offered military, financial, or even moral support to Israel by making remarks.

Additionally, Dr. Amer characterized Hamas and vehemently disagreed with the worldwide Uyghur movement’s proclamation of sympathy with Israel.motion as a terrorist. He believed that this speech betrayed the blood of the martyrs who died on the territory of Gaza and the West Bank and should not have been released by an Islamic movement.

Dr. Amer concluded by urging the Uighur movement to change its ways and express regret to the Islamic and Palestinian peoples for what it has said.

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