UK Spouse Visa Requirement, Eligibility 2024

If a foreign national fulfils the requirements, they can join and reside in the UK with their spouse if they are a British citizen or have settled status (such as EU Settled Status or Indefinite Leave to Remain). This type of visa is also known as the partner and spouse visa. Once you marry a British citizen, you will not automatically be granted residency rights in the United Kingdom. If you want to reside with your partner in the UK, you must apply for a UK Spouse Visa. Those who are married, in a civil partnership, or single are all eligible applicants.

The eligibility requirements for applicants are detailed in full below. A partner and spouse visa can be obtained for a maximum of two years and nine months at first. After that, you can stay longer and eventually get ILR, which will let you stay in the UK permanently without having to worry about immigration laws. You may be able to seek British citizenship through marriage after receiving ILR.

Who can apply for a spouse visa UK

If your spouse is based in the UK, you, as a foreign national, may apply for a UK partner and spouse visa:

  • A citizen of the United Kingdom or Ireland (by birth or naturalisation)
  • Has EU Settled Status, permanent residency, or  Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after settling in the UK
  • Possesses humanitarian protection or refugee status in the UK
  • Possesses a Turkish Worker or Businessperson visa
  • If you are not already here, you must plan to live together in the UK once you relocate, and you will also need to show proof of your sincere and ongoing connection.

Eligibility to Apply for Spouse Visa UK 2024

  • If you want to be eligible to apply for a UK partner and spouse visa, you must fulfil specific requirements, such as presenting proof of:
  • You are in a genuine and trustworthy partnership.
  • Your and your partner’s total gross yearly income is at least £18,600 (it will increase to £29,000 in the spring of 2024 and then progressively to £38,700).
  • In the UK, you have a decent place to stay.
  • You are proficient in English, at least at level A1, which is required for your initial visa application.

Required Documents to Apply for a Spouse Visa UK

When applying for a visa, you’ll need to submit a number of documents, which could include:

  • Filled-out application and application cost
  • A valid passport
  • Previous passports
  • Proof of your sincere and ongoing relationship, such as joint bills, photos, letters, and messages.
  • Evidence of your proficiency in English (such as a certificate from a CEFR exam).
  • TB Certificate unless exempt
  • Evidence that you have the necessary funds, such as pay stubs, savings accounts, and bank statements
  • Information on any prior applications for immigration, if any, Details about any past convictions for crimes
  • Your national insurance number
  • Evidence of housing in the United Kingdom
  • Biometric data, such as digital photos and fingerprints
  • Results of a tuberculosis test if the findings are from a nation where the test is required

You must submit all of the supporting documentation and evidence requested by UKVI in order to guarantee that your application for a partner and spouse visa is approved. If any of the materials are not submitted in the appropriate format (and appropriately translated where needed), your visa application may be denied or delayed.

Step By Step Process To Apply for a Spouse Visa UK

A UK partner or spouse visa application must be submitted online via the Home Office website. Following are steps to apply for a spouse visa UK:

  • Verify if you qualify for a spouse or partner visa.
  • Get the paperwork ready that you’ll need to demonstrate your eligibility.
  • Fill out the application online.
  • Applicant fees must be paid (see below).
  • Upload any supporting papers that are needed for your application.
  • Make an appointment for biometrics so that your picture and fingerprints can be taken.
  • If invited, show up for the interview.

UK Spouse Visa Cost-2024

In 2024, the application fee for a UK spouse visa will be £1,048 if the application is submitted within the country and £1,846 if it is raised outside of it. The annual Immigration Healthcare Surcharge of £1,560 and the £19.20 biometric fee are additional expenses. Should you wish to get a decision by the end of the following working day, the super-priority service charge requires a separate fee.


As part of the family immigration programme, the UK partner and spouse visa allows a qualified foreign national to join and reside in the UK with their partner, who must be a British citizen or permanent resident.

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